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4 Integral Corporate Moving Tips

A few tricks of the trade we have learned regarding the transition of corporate entities from point A to point B, follow. Moving is a process like any other, and in order for it to go smoothly, it requires thoughtful planning, a timeline, and a rigorous attention to detail. The following contains a general outline of the process, as well as a few key details that we have noticed most corporate execs are unaware of.

Preparation and Planning

1) Moving homes is complex, but when you extend the family to include an entire office full of employees, the work must be delegated appropriately. Assign a corporate move director to the project, at least 3 months in advance. This individual should possess a penchant for organization and detail, management skills. An artistic touch does not hurt, either. Point that individual to the right resources This includes HR considerations. Even if the workspace is only moving down the block, employees will need time to adjust and plan for any differences in travel times, carpooling, etc.

2) Schedule a meeting with execs and the corporate move director to determine who will move to which office, etc. Map out the transition from your current floor plan to the new one, then let the general plan trickle down to each individual employee, via supervisors. In the end, the corporate move director will have a map involving each individual. Include office equipment and furnishings, as well. If you will have more space, you may want to begin looking for furniture to add. If less, then you may need to consider leaving some things behind.

Building Access

It is easy to become so wrapped up in the planning and overlook certain contingencies, such as how movers will fit larger items into elevators, staircases, etc. Early on, ask how any couches, conference tables, etc., will exit the current building and enter the next. This can be particularly tricky for some spaces that do not have freight elevators. Be sure to check the dimensions of office furnishings and against those of all possible exits/entrances.

Photocopy machines

Many photocopy machines harbor liquids, which must be stored properly for the move. In the last week, consult all relevant manuals for these pieces of equipment. If a technical specialist is not on the job, then be sure to schedule some extra time for thorough and responsible disassembly.


Our clients are often surprised at the immense amount of garbage that has piled up and which must be removed prior to departure. Often the building’s disposal resources are not ample enough to handle it all. In these cases, permission can be obtained from local authorities to import large waste/recycling containers.