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Relocation and Corporate Moves

As a Corporation providing a Relocation benefit package to employees, you have a moving policy in place. A transferee's relocation can still become an overwhelming task for your human resources department.


Let us handle all the details so your employees arrive ready to accept new challenges!


Along with the standard features of a personal move, we offer commercial moves "concierge" services including::

  • Writing company policy determining a standard procedure for each relocation.
  • Hospitality & Transportation Service: We can arrange for airfare, hotel arrangements, car rental before and after your arrival.
  • Real Estate Services: Echo Relocation works with Realtors around the world selling, renting and/or purchasing homes for individuals and families in transition.
  • Move Out Services: Echo Relocation can arrange for your previous home to be thoroughly cleaned including carpets, windows and yard. Unwanted items will be taken to the charity of your choice and all waste will be removed from the property. Once that is completed, Echo Relocation will have the utilities turned off.

Take your pick of services offered or create a custom service to satisfy the needs of your employees. Services are arranged and become part of the standard contract between Echo Relocation and the Corporation.