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Government Moves

When a federal employee or member of the government is relocated there is a standard of procedures that is followed. Echo Relocation has moved hundreds of government employees and we offer every possible procedure and requirement available from the FTR (Federal Transportation Regulation).

Assembly/Consolidation Shipping costs are determined by weight and area, this means consolidating items is extremely important to control costs. Echo Relocation knows all the secrets for reducing your area. Often times it is more cost effective to leave items behind, such as self assembled particle board pieces. However, if you choose to take those items, Echo Relocation's team of movers can disassemble & resemble items for you at reasonable rates. Moving truck making a delivery Please be aware that during shipment it is common for particle board pieces to self destruct and most insurance will not cover these types of claims.

government move

Steamship Transportation Being native to Alaska, we are well versed in the intricacies of border crossings. Barging and Steam-shipping often requires crossing US borders, which means clearing customs. We follow all DOT and Homeland Security procedures.

Vehicle Expertise Special guidelines apply to shipping motor vehicles, Echo Relocation knows and follows all procedures so you can focus on more important details of your move.

Storage It can't be helped - sometimes your belongings will arrive before you or leave after you. Echo Relocation has storage facilities available worldwide, so your items are always in a secure location.

DIY The Government does not allow a transferee to pack their own shipments. However, if you would like pack the box and leave it open, our crew will tape up the box and mark it with a CP (Carrier Packed). Echo Relocation does have some options set up exclusively for those agencies that allow their transferees to do their own move. Pick and choose which services meet your needs and budgets best. You can do as much or as little as you have time for.